Excursion Los Haitises

I immediately drive with a friend from Juan Dolio via Hato Mayor, El Valle to Sabana de la Mar. An asphalt road has recently been added. There you go inland along a sandy path with potholes to the harbor. We’ll take a boat there. And then through a mangrove channel in the bay of San Lorenzo in the bay of Samana. We might even see humpback whales. Then we visit two stalactite caves by boat. First the stalactite cave of the sand. The sea has washed a lot of sand into the cave. Then the cave of the line. There is still an old railway line there. The rails came on stilts by sea. Bananas used to be loaded there from the train onto boats for banana export. The railway line is completely destroyed. In this cave we see numerous wall paintings by the Taino Indians. So it is advisable to take a flashlight with you to view those paintings. Then back by sea. There you can see very beautiful islands, which have risen from the sea due to geological movements. Numerous breeding colonies of birds exist on these islands. One sees a lot of pelicans. Then back to the port. Then we drive to Paraiso Caña Hondo. We eat very tasty fries there. I will make a video about this trip and post it here. You can book this excursion with me. Office telephone 1 809 526 3533 WhatsApp +1 809 399 5766 drebroeders@gmail.com Costs: For 4 people total €480 For two people total 240 € Includes transportation with my SUV, boat, food and drinks in Paraiso Caña Hondo. Can also be done as a two-day excursion with the humpback whale excursion in Miches. Then sleep in Paraiso Caña Hondo.

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